About HeyPxl

«HeyPxl»  creates interface design for complex mobile and web applications. We work with both new products and existing businesses. We work closely with the development.

The main clients are startups from the USA and Russia. The company does not have a physical office and is distributed all over the world: Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Indonesia. We are a truly international team and we plan to expand.


Our team

Ilya Dzenski



Liza Govorukhina

Art Director


Anastasia Tolstova

Senior UX/UI Designer


Igor Gorovenko

Middle UX/UI Designer


Bogdan Mavrin

Junior UX/UI Designer


Natalya Lovina

Junior UX/UI Designer



Our Principles


Mutual responsibility: we meet all of our deadlines, this is why we ask our clients to provide their feedback on time.


We are always open to experience exchange between the team and a client. It is a win-win!


We see our clients as partners. We hope it is mutual!


Expertise and experience are our all-time favorite bases for solutions we offer.


Our goal is both to create a pretty picture and solve the business goals of a client.


The more complicated the project, the more excited we get!


A good product is one where attention is paid to each minor detail. An ill-considered design is like a house with no front door. That is why a significant amount of time is spent on market research and engineering. The design of a single new app takes 1 month on average. Redesign of an existing app takes 2 or 3 weeks, depending on its complexity
Sure, if your product already exists and interacts with the market and you already have an audience, securing you with their purchases. Otherwise, you risk creating a product you will struggle to sell.
Perhaps, but product issues are usually related to the convenience of use and pricing rather than the visuals. In other words, a fancy but poorly designed app is like a sports car with no engine. It is pretty but useless. That is why we support a comprehensive approach.
As we are all about interfaces, 99% of our design solutions are developed in Figma. It is a highly convenient tool for both designers and developers
To create a new product, we simply need an idea and the key hypothesis, differentiating your product from the rest. You need to be confident that you can sell it. In case you do not know the answer to this question, we can research both the audience and the market. The more background information, the better. So, you better start collecting it now if you haven’t started earlier. In case of an existing product, we will need access to the service for a preliminary audit and user feedback analysis.

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