Business Trip Accommodation Booking App

Budget: $4000


Vacation! How many sweet memories it brings… For a leisure traveler. But for booking managers searching for a suitable hotel may turn into a living hell.



Imagine you need to find a hotel for 20 Renault employees and fit into the approved budget. All employees have to be grouped. And, of course, you have zero information on rooms and suites available now.

You need to look through dozens (at the very least) hotels, make calls, and send letters to everyone, find out if rooms you need are available, and, finally, submit an application for accommodation. It takes a ton-load of time!

RCR Company came to our team to make the job easier for their managers and to help the guests in finding accommodation and to raise the company’s revenue.



The Home page must be user-friendly for visitors, and the manager’s work can be smoothly integrated into it.

We show the visitors the best holiday destinations, the principles, and the convenience of using the service.


We give visitors and managers an opportunity to specify any parameters and quickly look through the search results both in the filtered list and on the map. In projects like this, it is of utmost importance to show the visitors only the best possible result.


At the accommodation page a visitor can see everything they need to make a choice: location, photos, reviews, and rooms available for booking.


Here lies the difference in using the product.

A regular visitor chooses a hotel and immediately books a room; a manager may enter any number of rooms they plan to use for the accommodation of corporate guests.


Apart from that, a manager may view all incoming documents on the booking, monitor revenue statistics, and their own salary. This is the heart of the system, part of which is restricted from viewing until the product development is complete.


A mobile version of the service was also created:

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