Construction Planning Service

RealtyPad is a new construction project management platform for thousands of construction companies. It establishes workflows between builders, managers, directors, and other employees, provides quick access to all the necessary papers, drawings, and documents, and organizes autonomous communication between teams in different locations, cities, or countries.

Budget: $6000



Builders are busy people. 

Daily team meetings, hundreds of drawings and intense working days. Working in this mode without any outside digital help it’s easy to get in a mess and miss important information. To achieve great goals you always need great tools!

Cost and Schedule overruns are the norm in the Construction Sector

Plan of action

Our main goal was to design a functional desktop, tablet, and smartphone service as an extension for existing offline solutions. However, the project itself wasn’t only about the design. Due to the very specific focus of the platform, we were aware of the fact that our attention should be on the user experience, tests, and customized design solutions.

UX Design 

In the first phase of the project we focused on research, user profiles, and flows, collecting all information, building the platform architecture and creating wireframes.

UI Design

Following wireframes and some user tests, we proceeded to the UI part.

User Testing

Our next decision was to perform a second round of user testing applying high-fidelity mockups.

Documentations and Pitch

In the final stage we created one comprehensive style guide with a description for developers. To attract investments and promote the platform, we have developed a pitch. To do so, we worked closely with marketologists and CEOs to make the final result top-notch.



Advanced Building Plan Editor

One of the most time consuming phases of a new service creation is making, planning, and starting a ready-to-use plan which has to reflect all the required workflows. This Plan board is the most important and most useful element of the whole platform. 

One of the hardest challenges of implementation is dealing with various features and options and sometimes dozens and hundreds of elements to put onto the board. This editor has a high level of intuitive patterns that users would follow without a second thought.

Quick access to editing

Following the discussions with some users we have realized the importance of quick access to the blueprint viewing and editing. With careful application of colors we were able to create the Blueprints editor inside the Dockpad platform for foremen and builders, so that they can quickly see the building plan or receive information about changes in plans and blueprints.

Structure management

With so many elements present, the kanban structure seemed like the best choice among various other solutions we tested. Showing not only the perfect information organization but also supplementary information like status or type, we were able to create the most efficient type of work space.

Responsive design

We leveraged responsive technology. 

Based on our research and worldwide patterns relevant for big services, we knew that the solution needed to be user-friendly for use on a desktop, tablet,  and smartphone. The user interface needed to be easy to use and look familiar, regardless of a screen size.

Components library

End-to-end design system and style guide. This kind of a platform consists of different segments. Each final implementation is custom-made based on specific needs of the final user. The core of our work here was to create a customizable set of components that can be used in different ways. 

We build the library of UI components according to the atomic design methodology. It was important to create a set of rules and examples to make sure it will be clear and user-friendly in the end. 

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