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The redesign of the Web and mobile versions of the platform for contractors and managers allows the easier process of finding projects, as well as an even easier way of communication between parties.

Budget: $4000



The previous version of the website has long ceased to comply with modern requirements of convenience and design. Also, the functions that had not been well-developed in the past made it difficult for the contractors to apply them. Our goal was to find solutions that automate the work of contractors as much as possible saving them as much time as possible for task completion and, at the same time, maintaining their multifunctionality.



From the beginning, we knew that what we wanted and needed to do was not only a simple redesign but we wanted to add some huge changes to this product. We focused on delivering and multiplying value in each element of our project. We started by running workshops with our team where we established the issues of our client. After that we were able to narrow down the scope and prepare the User Flow.

Website Map

It was extremely important for us to work through the structure of the website and make the navigation through the pages easier and more convenient. That is why we had to change the structure of the website and the user flow and get rid of some sections. The site has got simpler and has started loading faster.


UI Kit

We kept the same color scheme but changed the fonts.




Find your orders

Select orders that suit your expertise, filter them by category, day, and due dates.



We have guaranteed the fast communication with managers and the support team for faster and more convenient work in any environment.


Over 100+ screens designed:

Mobile version

Previously, the platform could only be used on PCs but now everything can be done directly using a smartphone or a tablet with quick access to the most necessary information.


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