Drawing-to-Accessory Service

Budget: $3000


The concept of the service is simple and marvelous at the same time. Children (or their parents) upload their drawings. A site visitor may order one of the jewelry based on a child drawing (necklace, earrings, or sleeve-buttons). Money earned from sales is sent to fund children’s education and schools from developing countries.

We elaborate on a Customer Journey Map for all users: a child (or a parent), administrator, and customer. We find out what clients expect from the web-site, analyze GOOD and BAD scenarios of using such products. Then, we throw away the bad ones and improve the good ones.


Landing Page Design

We show how everything works on the front page. Adding examples of children’s drawings that may be uploaded and a little bit of statistics (yes, no real data is available YET but we would need it).



We make user-friendly pages for catalogue browsing. Filtering may be based not on drawings only but also on children’s age and home country. We use real data for development. It is important for us to show how the site would really work and not with “cooked-up” data. We add the ability to search drawings by countries, users, adding images into collection (hello, Unsplash!).


From drawing to jewelry

Let’s bring some magic in the picture. We give the user an opportunity to choose not just a delivery method and a type of jewelry but the area of drawing to his liking that would later become a part of jewelry.

Administrator Dashboard

Let’s not forget about the administrator. Along with looking over the delivery statistics, they need to moderate images so they would match the website and have no violence and other unwanted elements. Give the administrator the opportunity to use dating sites mechanics to swipe left and right for approval of bulk of images.


Mobile App

We developed a mobile app: not everyone would like to use a PC for placing orders. Using a smartphone for image shooting and uploading is way easier.

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