Money Budgeting App

Budget: $3500



Development of an application which helps users save rationally and accumulate money.



Accounting of write-offs is not always correct in terms of distribution by categories. A lot of time is spent on the manual entry on the daily basus.



For the convenience of users, the synchronization with banks and a smart system was integrated resulting in the default distribution of expenditures. 


Research phase

We started this project with user research. What tools have they used before? What satisfied them and what didn’t? We were deeply surprised that most users are ready to use solutions in the form of a Google spreadsheet, as well as how much attention users pay to security — after all, they connect their credit cards to it to track transactions! Based on this, we have compiled portraits of future users:


After that, we explored all the functionality that our users needed which was reflected in the user-flow:



Taking into account all the desires of users and businesses, prototypes were created for each page of the application. Minor details such as tips and warnings, notifications have been worked out.



Finance page

On this page, the user can create spending categories, link bank accounts and synchronize them for the purpose of accounting. They can also create savings goals linked to categories.


Here is a list of all expenses and incomes of the user for a certain period.

Granularity can also be changed via the calendar.


The program determines the categories automatically, however, difficulties may arise during the first unfamiliar transactions, where the user shall distribute expenses/incomes into categories manually. 

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