No-Code Workflow Builder

BPMX is the simple-in-use app for creating forms and reports with the ability to format them according to the needs of the user and create a workflow for more complex integrations.

Budget: $5000



The creation of a no-code desktop application for generating customized forms and reports to automate processes within the organization.



Following the interviewing step, we found out that users need complex-structured systems with different levels of access for different categories of employees. The executive board wanted to control the process thoroughly and avoid hiring a third party programmer.



The application is designed to create forms in different layouts. The options of restricting access and approving relevant actions with a form or a report for some users is a must.

The application of selected filters should allow a user to structurize complex workflows.


Design process

It took us 8 weeks to complete the design of the admin panel and user part of the app. 


User research & User flow

At this step, it was necessary to conduct research among users, as well as to study the market for existing applications. All of this would give us an idea about the future benefits of the application and help us build a user flow.


User flow


Typography & Colors

The wish of the customer was to work with the Ant design library. However, it was decided to add customization in some interface solutions.


Final product screens

Due to a highly detailed user flow and a ready-made component UI kit, it was decided to immediately develop Hi-fi prototypes.You can see some of them below.


Applications page

Here you can view and edit existing applications or create new ones.


Builder tools

Here you can create and edit applications.



It allows you to create rules with a complex internal structure. 



Customization permits a user to format forms and reports based on their needs.

There are both default and completely customizable solutions.




Intuitive design helps to add and manage users in the system.

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