Online Loan Service

The most important task for the microloan service is to issue loans not only quickly but also with minimal risks for the company.

User-flow should create a quick and clear way for the client to receive and return loans.

We have developed mobile and desktop service and an administrative system to solve this issue.

Budget: $3000


Landing Page

The main task of a landing page is to convince the user to get the first loan, as well as to remove all the fears and insecurities associated with getting a loan. We do not require piles of documents and office visits. Only an identification document and no hidden fees.


We have created a trust system: the first users can get a minimum loan of $30. But the more our trust in the client grows , the more they can get.


Getting a Loan

Most of our users have never experienced getting online loans. We have created a user-flow which is easy and intuitive even for inexperienced clients.

Personal Account Interface

The single window system makes the interface easy to learn and directs the user’s gaze to where they need it at the moment. The target action is always «in front of your nose».

Behind the Curtain

The core of the administrative system that works invisibly to the user’s eyes is the scoring system. It is responsible for the speed of decision-making process.

We also provided the administrator with a system that is majorly focused on the speed of decision-making and reducing errors to a minimum.


Mobile Adaptation

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